Like a real dog, Zoomer robot dog is a cheerful and funny robot dog. It is a great gift for kids because they love puppy very much. It can explore and move on its own, get bored, sleep and everything a puppy does. Move away from him and he will tail you with his cute eyes looking for his master. What’s so good about this dog is that he has an unpredictable unique personality, very surprising.

Christmas is coming and everybody is looking for the best gift for their children and this dog here is one of the most popular toy out there.

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A Perfect Loyal Family Pet

Zoomer Robot Dog - Loyal Family Pet

Zoomer dog is a perfect loyal family pet

Who says that a robot can’t become a family member? Zoomer can. It has multiple sensors that can help him to behave like a real dog. Like any puppy, Zoomer robot dog might not always listen the first time you give him commands. He makes the perfect family pet and of course without the mess and vaccinations.

The reasons why you would want him as your family member are listed below:

  • Zoomer robot dog can do dozen different tricks taught to him
  • Multiple language skill: English, Spanish, and French
  • He’ll show you a random trick if you press the button on the back of Zoomer
  • A loving and loyal friend for ages 5+
  • Fun to train and play with

Zoomer Robot Dog Product Description

Zoomer Robot Dog Video

Click here to see the video of Zoomer the robot dog

Zoomer dog has a funny and playful attitude and your heart will be stolen by him in an instant. He’ll need you to teach him everything a puppy needs to know. Teach tricks, call out his name and he can get really excited when you give him a good belly scratch to reward him.

Kids can play, run and laugh as Zoomer the robot dog wags his tail excitedly and responds to his commands. Zoomer understands English, Spanish and French. It’s hard to admit that I only understand English.

You can download the iOS or Android app for free to learn everything about how to train Zoomer pup. Before you know it he’ll be laying down, rolling over, playing dead and many more. He can’t help but feel like a real family member when you adopt him.

Zoomer Dog – Interactive Friend for Your Kids

Did your kids ever asked you to get a puppy, but you thought that a puppy would make another trouble maker in the house? You need to adopt Zoomer robot dog for he is the only puppy in the world that don’t produce dung. It will instantly become the part of the family and a loving friends for your kids.

The Best Pet Ever – Zoomer Pup

Zoomer the Robot Dog

Zoomer is a great dog. He always do what he’s told and we don’t need to worry about him running away. He will tell us how he loves us every time! This is the most alive and fun toy anyone has ever play with, just like a real puppy.

With his own unique personality, he will make the family laugh together. He’s always ready to play and doesn’t make a mess. Before Zoomer learn your commands fully, he needs some training and practice first. Keep playing with it and he will be well trained like a real dog.

Zoomer The Robot Dog

Zoomer the robot dog is a very sophisticated and advanced for a toy, but it’s not difficult to use. He has the ability to learn what to do if you command him something with your voice, like a real dog will learn.

It takes some time for him to know the commands, but when it already well trained, you can have the fun of having a dog that can do some cool tricks. The cute dog will follow your movement and explore the room on its own.

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